Cobb CSB' Employee Engagement "Giving Week" Initiative 05-2021

Cobb County CSB's Employee Engagement "Giving Week" Initiative
featuring Mothers Making a Change (MMAC)

From L-R is part of our MMAC team: Brittany Jones, Jazmine Allen, Barbara Alberts, Brandi Dye and Christine Sanchez.

As part of an Employee Engagement "Giving Week" initiative, Cobb County CSB asked their team to give baby/mother items to those at Mothers Making a Change (MMAC), the CSB's successful program for mothers and expectant mothers who experience difficulties in maintaining their sobriety without a structured residential setting.

Cobb County CSB's "April Showers for MMAC Flowers" yielded four boxes full of baby wipes, baby outfits, shampoos, diapers and other items.

Article highlight from Vol. 2, Issue 5 - MAY 2021 "The Rising Sun", a newsletter from Cobb County Community Service Board

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