Lookout Mountain CS Announces New CEO

HRH Polk Today 072221

Polk Today: The next pandemic has already begun

Note: The following item was provided by Melanie Dallas, CEO of Highland Rivers Health. – KtE

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HRH Announces FY22 Governing Board Officers

Mike Mullet
Community Relations Director
(770) 265-4250
[email protected]

Highland Rivers Health governing board elects officers for 2022 fiscal year

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Cobb County CSB's The Rising Sun (June 2021 Newsletter)

Rising to offer hope, empowerment and purpose

Vol. 2, Issue 6 - JUNE 2021

Cobb County Community Services Board is a provider of mental health, substance use, and intellectual/developmental disabilities services

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HRH Polk Today 06321

Column: An open letter to men about mental health

Note: the following item was submitted by Melanie Dallas of Highland Rivers Health. – KtE

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HRH Polk Today 052121

Dallas: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Note: the following column was submitted by Highland Rivers Health. – KtE
In Highland Rivers Health’s 2020 annual report, there is a profile of an individual named Deborah. She lives in one of the communities served by Highland Rivers and has received services from us for many years – so long that she was first seen by Three Rivers Behavioral Health, which was merged with another agency to become Highland Rivers in 2003...

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Cobb CSB' Employee Engagement "Giving Week" Initiative 05-2021

Cobb County CSB's Employee Engagement "Giving Week" Initiative
featuring Mothers Making a Change (MMAC)

From L-R is part of our MMAC team: Brittany Jones, Jazmine Allen, Barbara Alberts, Brandi Dye and Christine Sanchez.

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Cobb County CSB Listen and Learn with Smyrna Police and Fire

Cobb County CSB's Listen and Learn with Smyrna Police and Smyrna Fire

The youth at Cobb County CSB's George W. Hartmann Center, a therapeutic, structured residential treatment program for adolescents who have substance use challenges and/or co-occurring mental health disorders, were treated to a listen-and-learn question and answer event with Smyrna Police and Smyrna Fire last month. In an interactive format, the youth were able to ask candid questions and learn more about public safety jobs and the steps needed to have a career in public safety. Pictured are members of the CCCSB Child & Adolescent team, Smyrna Police and Smyrna Fire. 
Article highlight from Vol. 2, Issue 5 - MAY 2021 "The Rising Sun", a newsletter from Cobb County Community Service Board

HRH Polk Today 050521

COLUMN: Children’s mental health always a priority

Note: The following item was provided by Highland Rivers Health’s Melanie Dallas for publication. – KtE

Over the past year, as the impacts of the pandemic accumulated, I wrote several columns about how children might be particularly vulnerable to emotional and mental health problems. The disruption of a sense of normalcy, feelings of isolation and loss, and for many families, grief, all increased the potential for mental health challenges among children and adolescents. Studies have found millions of young people did – and continue to – experience such challenges. It’s been a rough year on so many levels.

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Cobb County CSB Celebrates MH Court Graduates 042921


The CCCSB team wishes Judge Staley Clark all the best as she becomes the Drug Treatment Court judge. Pictured (L-R): Melanie Valentine, Cobb County Mental Health Court Coordinator; Judge Mary Staley Clark; Lauren Baird; Director of Specialty Services, CCCSB; and Jennifer Logan, Treatment Liaison, CCCSB.
On April 29, 2021, Cobb County Community Services Board’s (CCCSB) celebrated the graduation of three participants in the Mental Health Court as it said goodbye to the Court’s judge.

Mental Health Court is one of the Accountability Courts offered in Cobb Superior Court and began under the direction of Honorable Judge Mary Staley Clark in April of 2013. The Mental Health Court is an approximately 24-month program, providing therapeutic services through the CCCSB Specialty Services Department, led by Lauren Baird, and assisting in long-term stability for an individual. The goal of the court is for the criminal justice system to work by providing help and resources to reduce the cost associated with incarceration and to set an individual on a path to achieving his or her desired quality of life.

April was Judge Staley Clark’s final graduation as the presiding judge of this court, as she is taking over Cobb County Drug Treatment Court. On behalf of the entire CCCSB staff, we wish Judge Staley-Clark well and appreciate her years of service and partnership with our agency. We are thrilled to have the Honorable Judge Ann B. Harris as our presiding Mental Health Court judge starting in May.

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Column: Pandemic stress fuels increased alcohol use

April 1, 2021

Note: the following item was submitted by Melanie Dallas of Highland Rivers Health. – KtE

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HRH Releases COVID-19 Awareness

CSB Highlights



DALTON, Georgia – March 23, 2020 – As an essential community healthcare provider, Highland Rivers Health is currently maintaining services at its nine outpatient clinics, but has instituted a host of infection control procedures at the clinics in order to protect staff and individuals coming in for services.

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HRH Polk Today 032221

Social work a calling and commitment to helping others

March is Social Work Month

March 22, 2021

The following item was submitted by Highland Rivers Health. – KtE

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HRH State Audit Confirms Excellence

State audit confirms excellence at Highland Rivers Health

February 19, 2021

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CobbCSB-The Rising Sun 02-2021

Protecting your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

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HRH Polk Today 120420

Tips for managing holiday stress

December 4, 2020

Melanie Dallas
This item was submitted by Highland Rivers Health’s Melanie Dallas. -KtE

The arrival of Thanksgiving means we have officially entered the holiday season. And with the holiday of gratitude (and eating) now behind us, we look ahead to the season of giving – followed closely by the time of self-reflection and renewal that comes with the arrival of the New Year...

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Individuals with disabilities want employment opportunities

October 6, 2020 

Melanie Dallas
Note: The following item was submitted by Highland Rivers Health.

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RiverEdge Recovery Center Open House

Introducing the New River Edge Recovery Center!

The Facts:

Regardless of age, gender, race, or socio-economic status:

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Mosaic Place holds second annual Flipping Flackjacks event, gathering Tuesday evening for recovery rally

September 21, 2020

Mosaic Place has through September been celebrating National Recovery Month, and part of the celebration was this past Saturday’s second annual Flipping Flapjacks for Recovery event that included local police chiefs who also got something their officers can use with those struggling with drug abuse in the community...

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HRH-Polk-Today-(Sept Suicide Prevention)-092120

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 21, 2020

Note: Highland Rivers Health provided the following item from CEO Melanie Dallas. – KtE

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