Spring Fling Photo Gallery

Spring Fling Photo Gallery

An educational event hosted by the GACSB for consumers (an individual with mental health, addictive diseases, or intellectual/developmental disability) who are actively receiving service within a Community Service Board's program. Previous sessions included topics such as: WHAM (Whole Health Action Management), Social Media Safety, and How to become a CARES/CPS/Respect Institute Peer.

A Walk Down Memory Lane, Logos of Years Past


 GACSB 22nd Annual Spring Fling 2019: "Blasting off for Discovery and Recovery" 

Participants focus on panelist: (Left to Right) Leslie White, David Kidd, Denise Hardy, and facilitator John Powell.

Unison's Lesley White and Brad Pacheco getting into the "Blast off for Discovery and Recovery" spirit. 


Aspire BH/DD's Spring Fling participants gather for a team photograph.

A forum for attendees to connect and share knowledge with one another.


GACSB 21st Annual Spring Fling 2018: "Blast from the Past"

Another year of support from Glynn County EMS & Fire Services who volunteered time and time again, showing their dedication to keeping those in attendance aware and safe.

Several of the Spring Fling Planning Committee Members arrived early to prepare for opening day.

Robyn Garrett (Center) welcomes and helps Nick Lee (Left) and Johan Dixon (Right) get signed-in for the event.


Participants engaged in activities which encouraged whole health.


GACSB 20th Annual Spring Fling 2017: "My Mile Markers of Recovery"

Melvin Harris begins the set-up process with fellow Spring Fling Planning Members.

Participants open the event by sharing amazing talents, each being presented with a certificate of appreciation.

Oconee CSB attendees proudly presents their work from wellness activity.

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