Alecea Quintyne
GACSB President
Board Representative, Claratel Behavioral Health

David A. Kidd 
GACSB Vice President
Board Representative, Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

RJ Hurn
GACSB Treasurer
CEO, Georgia Pines Community Service Boards

Cindy Levi
GACSB Secretary
CEO, Avita Community Partners

Headshot Kent Woerner

Kent Woerner
GACSB Immediate Past President
Board Representative, Avita Community Partners


Committee Leadership

Administrative Operations

Pam Cartwright, Chair
CEO, Legacy Behavioral Health Services

Fabio Van De Merwe, Vice Chair
CEO, Claratel Behavioral Health


Clinical Operations

Jennifer Hibbard, Chair
CEO, View Point Health


Data Analytics

Tammy Conlin, Chair
CEO, Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

Angela Holt, Vice Chair
CEO, Middle Flint Health and Wellness


Education and Individual Advocacy


Dana Glass, Chair
CEO, Aspire Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Services 


Michael Karns, Vice Chair
ARSC Program Director, Middle Flint Health & Wellness


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Cindy Levi, Chair
GACSB Treasurer
CEO, Avita Community Partners


Jennifer Hibbard, Vice Chair
CEO, View Point Health



Public Image and Policy

Melanie Dallas, Chair
CEO, Highland Rivers Behavioral Health


David Kidd, Vice Chair
Board Representative, Advantage Behavioral Health Systems