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Mosaic Place holds second annual Flipping Flackjacks event, gathering Tuesday evening for recovery rally

September 21, 2020

Mosaic Place has through September been celebrating National Recovery Month, and part of the celebration was this past Saturday’s second annual Flipping Flapjacks for Recovery event that included local police chiefs who also got something their officers can use with those struggling with drug abuse in the community...

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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 21, 2020

Note: Highland Rivers Health provided the following item from CEO Melanie Dallas. – KtE

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September is National Recovery Month

Polk Today: September 3, 2020

Highland Rivers Health’s Melanie Dallas provided this column for Polk.Today readers.

With Covid-19 continuing to dominate the news, I found myself wondering if I could somehow draw upon our growing knowledge of this disease as a point of reference for an article recognizing National Recovery Month. It turned out to be fairly simple, really, especially as some people who have had Covid-19 illness are now experiencing ongoing complications...

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As schools open, children’s mental health remains a priority

Polk Today: August 20, 2020

It seems much longer than a mere three months ago that I began writing articles about COVID-19 and mental health – especially how the pandemic and the disruptions it caused might impact the mental wellbeing of children and adolescents, teens and young adult college students. The summer seems to have passed so quickly but with so much more to think about, and certainly no respite from the pandemic...
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Staff from Highland Rivers' Mosaic Place recovery community center discuss addiction recovery on Polk Today podcast:

Polk Today: August 9, 2020

Let me preface this episode by saying the following: it is a long listen, but one I believe every person should hear to better understand addiction recovery and the work we all need to do in order to help those who need it. Put this on while driving around and spend an hour just listening...
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Dallas: An opportunity for wellness

Polk Today: August 7, 2020

Editor’s note: the following column was provided by Highland Rivers Health’s Melanie Dallas.

Melanie Dallas

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HRH Governing Board Elects Officers for 2021 Fiscal Year



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Melanie Dallas: Black mental health is also important

Daily Citizen News - July 4, 2020

(July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.)

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Melanie Dallas: Increased risk of child exploitation a less-obvious impact of pandemic

Daily Citizen News - May 22, 2020

For the past several weeks I’ve written about some of the impacts of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our agency and the work we do: safety precautions and procedures we’ve put in place in our clinics, the fact we are remain open to provide services and the potential mental health challenges that might result from the disruption of normal routines and social isolation...

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In website update, Highland Rivers adds videos, Spanish option

DALTON, Georgia – May 12, 2020 – Highland Rivers Health has launched an updated version of its website that includes four videos about the agency, as well as making its content available in Spanish. The updated site includes a new color scheme and photos of local communities the agency serves. The address of the Highland Rivers website is

“The Highland Rivers website is really a tremendous resource for people to learn about our agency and find specific information about our services and how to access them,” said Highland Rivers CEO Melanie Dallas. “The videos are a great addition to our site and allow members of our communities to hear firsthand from individuals who have received services from Highland Rivers and are now living in recovery.”

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Cobb County Community Services Board to contract with Highland Rivers Health for interim executive leadership beginning July 1

SMYRNA, Georgia – May 4, 2020 – Cobb County Community Services Board (CCCSB) today announced it will contract with fellow community service board Highland Rivers Health for executive leadership beginning July 1.

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by Lorie Winn, Chief I/DD Officer at Cobb County Community Services Board

There is no individual in the world not impacted by COVID-19, but living in a pandemic is a particular challenge for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families. Caring for the mental health and wellness of adults with I/DD is paramount in a time that can confuse and disrupt lives. In a population that relies on a unique and often individualized support network, community caregivers and families must become innovative and resourceful in order to ensure the care of individuals with developmental disabilities.

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April 30, 2020
Athens, GA

SAMHSA Homeless Services Expansion Grant
Advantage Awarded $2 Million in SAMHSA Grant Funds to Expand Homeless Service Programs

Advantage has been awarded funds to develop a 5-year multi-phase homeless services expansion program known as the Advantage Housing. Outreach. Partnership. Empowerment. (H.O.P.E.) Initiative. The program will incorporate evidence-based clinical treatment, case management, peer support services, zero-barrier mobile medical care, direct housing support, job training and employment assistance, direct childcare assistance, and other critical services to persons who are experiencing homelessness with substance use disorders, or co-occurring substance use and mental disorders living within Athens-Clarke and four surrounding counties: Jackson, Barrow, Oconee, and Walton.

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Highland Rivers Health makes public appeal for PPE amid coronavirus outbreak

Calhoun Times - April 20, 2020

Highland Rivers Health is making a public appeal for personal protective equipment (PPE) - especially masks and gowns - as staff continue to provide essential services to vulnerable and high-risk individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Highland Rivers Health, like Georgia's other 24 community service boards, is considered an essential service under Governor Kemp's March 14 executive order...

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Melanie Dallas: Unity, even in isolation, is important for us all

Daily Citizen-News Apr 15, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting our lives in so many ways. But among them, the need for distance and isolation has underscored just how important human connections are — and why, even as we are separated, it is critical that we work together...

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Melanie Dallas: Highland Rivers COVID-19 update: Maintaining services, mental health and compassion fatigue

Daily Citizen News - Apr 1, 2020

As we continue social distancing and other community safety measures in response to the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), I wanted to update the communities served by Highland Rivers Health about the status of our services, and provide some information about mental health and compassion fatigue...

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Melanie Dallas: Disability services an important part of Highland Rivers

Daily Citizen-News Mar 4, 2020

(March is National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month)

While many people in northwest Georgia know Highland Rivers Health provides treatment and recovery services for people with mental health challenges and substance use disorders, not everyone may realize we also provide services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)...

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Melanie Dallas: Suicide is preventable; learn how you can help

Cherokee Tribune & Ledger News-Feb 20, 2020

Suicide is an issue that impacts a growing number of people in our communities on a consistent basis. It is also an issue people may be hesitant to discuss even though they generally have a lot of questions about it...

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Melanie Dallas: Addition: Reducing Stigma and Promoting Recovery

Daily Citizen-News Feb 5, 2020

Last month, Highland Rivers Health and our agency’s community recovery center, Mosaic Place, were proud to be sponsors of 2020 Addiction Recovery Awareness Day at the Capitol. Organized by the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, the event celebrates individuals with addictive disease who are living in recovery...

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The efforts of Gateway's Regional Community Collaboratives were recently featured in the Brunswick News: Mental health first aid program aims to tackle stigma

By BRITTANY TATE The Brunswick News Jul 26, 2016

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four adults — approximately 61.5 million Americans — experiences mental illness in a given year, and one in 17 — about 13.6 million — live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder.

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